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Can you create customized scented stickers?

Customized Stickers With A Scent

Customized stickers are one thing, but customized stickers with a scent are truly unique. You can re-create virtually any scent on scratch and sniff customized stickers. Whether it's something as familiar as the fruity scent of peach or as obscure as the smell of antique books, scratch and sniff customized stickers can be used for promotional events or parties and events. The Print Box Inc., based in New York City, will make a custom scent for you and place it on a custom sticker or you can choose from one of their many standard scents. Got a campaign in mind for a chocolate liqueur? Reproduce the scent on a scratch and sniff sticker and combine it with artwork for your campaign.

Can I get custom glow in the dark stickers made?

Custom Made Stickers That Glow In The Dark

For one-of-a-kind custom made stickers that stand out at night, get custom made stickers that glow in the dark. Glow-in-the-dark stickers work by activation while exposed to light. The longer you expose them to light, the longer the glow-in-the-dark stickers can continue to glow in the absence of light. You can get a pre-cut pattern of glow-in-the-dark stickers printed with the artwork of your choosing. Keep in mind that the more artwork that is covering the sheet, the less your custom made stickers will glow. Glow in the dark stickers work well for teen parties, Halloween get-togethers, clubs and other after-hours events.

What are some of the terms I need to know when printing custom made stickers?

Learn The Lingo For Printing Custom Made Stickers

Getting custom made stickers means you'll be deciding between no margins and bleeds, CMYK colors and Pantone colors. If you're not sure what all the lingo means for printing custom made stickers, check out our basic glossary:

Bleed – If you want your artwork to print to the edge of the sticker, you want to print with a bleed. This means there will be no white borders at the edge of your sticker.

CMYK – CMYK refers to the subtractive colors used in printing. The combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black make up numerous other colors in the standard printing process.

Pantone – The Pantone company has created color guide cards which detail the exact percentages of colors needed to match a color exactly. The Pantone color guide is compatible with the CMYK system.

Proof – A proof is a one-off example of the artwork which allows you to approve the color and design before your custom made stickers goes to final press.

Trapping – Trapping is the process of overlapping between colors on your artwork so that you have a clear, crisp print.

Turnaround Time – This is the amount of time it takes for the printing company to give you the final product from the date of your order.

How do I make custom photo stickers?

Custom Photo Stickers

For a great gift you can stick just about anywhere, get custom photo stickers. They're easy and fun to make and you can use them to embellish presents, bookmarks, notebooks or any smooth surface. There's a few different ways you can create custom photo stickers. Use an online service like Snapfish or Kodak Gallery, upload your photo, pick your options and place your order. Or you can purchase your own photo sticker paper. You can find photo sticker paper made by Canon, Epson and Fujifilm. For custom photo stickers you make from home, you'll need a photo software program such as Adobe Photoshop and a color printer, as well. Photo ideas can include everything from baby's first Christmas to shots of the family pet or try a photo of the wedding couple to send out with thank-you cards.

Do you have any ideas for unique stickers?

Custom Printed Stickers To Light Up The Night

Great for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, promotional events or any other memorable evening affair, custom printed stickers with lights will definitely steal the show. Labelights are wearable stickers with an on/off switch, giving you a flashing sticker that shines for up to 100 hours. Create your own version in the shape and size of your choosing. Print up star-shaped custom printed stickers that'll light up the scene for a movie night party. Have a charity event you'd like to create favors for, like breast cancer research? Print up pink ribbon stickers that'll shine brightly on each attendee.

What ideas do you have for using personalized stickers?

Six Ideas For Personalized Stickers

Personalized stickers can be fun and whimsical or practical and simple. You can use them for events or as labels. Stickers make statements that you can use over and over. Here are some great ideas for personalized stickers:

Birthdays – Make personalized stickers for first birthdays, 80th birthdays and everything in between. They can be cute and comical or elegant and tasteful. Put them on favors or hand them out to guests.

Gift Tags – Make your own personalized stickers into gift tags. Have some on hand for the holiday season and an all-purpose set for use throughout the year. Print them up so your family name is on the tag and you can fill in the recipient's name yourself.

Address Labels – Who says stickers can't be functional? Get address labels made with a graphic chosen by you. You'll never have to fill out the return address again.

Special Occasion Stickers – Get stickers made for graduations, baby showers, bridal showers or any other major event. Use them to decorate favors for the celebratory event.

School Stickers – Use them as incentives for students to excel and as giveaways at school events.

Organizational labels – For a practical sticker that is well designed, get stickers made into organizational labels. Add a cool graphic and leave a line to fill in for all of your files.

What types of types of papers can I print my custom stickers on?

Choosing Papers For Your Customized Stickers

If you're going through the process of printing customized stickers, you've probably come across the task of choosing what kind of paper to put your customized stickers on. Since there are so many choices to select from and in case you're not sure whether you want polypropylene or vinyl laminate, here is an explanation of the different papers for customized stickers .

Matte Paper – These work best for shipping labels. If you want a sticker you can print or type on, matte paper is your best bet.

Gloss Paper – Want to add a bit of sheen to your sticker? This choice is great for labels, especially if you want to write with permanent markers rather than ballpoint pens.

Foil paper – Perfect as decorative stickers for formal use. Foil paper is for indoor use.

Clear polypropylene – Want to print an indoor sticker with a translucent effect? Clear polypropylene is your choice for customized stickers.

Vinyl laminated – Stickers that need to withstand outdoor wear and tear, like bumper stickers, should go on vinyl laminated.

How do I go about printing custom stickers?

Your Guide To Printing Custom Stickers

Custom stickers make great gift giveaways at casual events. They're convenient mementos you can use again and again and they're affordable to create. Here's a straightforward guide to printing custom stickers.

1. Decide what you want to print on your custom stickers. Graphics, artwork or simple text can all go on custom stickers.
2. Think about what shape your actual sticker will be. You can go with a standard size and shape or spend more to get a custom die cut shape.
3. Decide whether your stickers will be for indoor use or outdoor use. Foil, matte paper and gloss paper are fine for indoor use, but outdoor stickers need to have a vinyl laminated finish.
4. Finalize your sticker design and get some quotes from printers for creating your custom stickers. Ask about minimum orders and set-up fees.
5. Submit your artwork per the specifications of the printer of your choice. Standard file types are JPG, TIF and GIF files.
6. Receive your stickers after the agreed turn-around time.

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