Learn The Lingo For Printing Custom Made Stickers

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What are some of the terms I need to know when printing custom made stickers?

Learn The Lingo For Printing Custom Made Stickers

Getting custom made stickers means you'll be deciding between no margins and bleeds, CMYK colors and Pantone colors. If you're not sure what all the lingo means for printing custom made stickers, check out our basic glossary:

Bleed – If you want your artwork to print to the edge of the sticker, you want to print with a bleed. This means there will be no white borders at the edge of your sticker.

CMYK – CMYK refers to the subtractive colors used in printing. The combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black make up numerous other colors in the standard printing process.

Pantone – The Pantone company has created color guide cards which detail the exact percentages of colors needed to match a color exactly. The Pantone color guide is compatible with the CMYK system.

Proof – A proof is a one-off example of the artwork which allows you to approve the color and design before your custom made stickers goes to final press.

Trapping – Trapping is the process of overlapping between colors on your artwork so that you have a clear, crisp print.

Turnaround Time – This is the amount of time it takes for the printing company to give you the final product from the date of your order.



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