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How to find a gift for a sports lover?

Getting the Sports Nut a Gift

Getting the "sports nut" that you know a gift should be easy, right? Definitely wrong. This is one of the most difficult gifts you can get as you need to know what is right in this person's "sports world."

1. Find out favorite teams - Which teams appeal most to the person receiving the gift. Firstly, which is his or at times her favorite sport and then find out within that sport which teams are the favorites.

2. Know who they like and dislike - Make sure you know who they like in their "team." Even though they have a favorite team, that does not mean they like every single player in there. Also, know who is popular in that team if you can't find out who exactly they like.

3. Do not buy the generic "autographed" gift or jersey. Most of the time people spend too much money on these items. Go for a unique item with a logo on it. There are a number of new sporting products that have sport logos on them. For conservative buyers jerseys and shirts are good but if you go for this, it's a good idea to buy them a set. Sometimes a household item with a logo may do the trick depending on the occasion. A framed picture or something that can be mounted on the wall is also a good choice.

What are some alternative gifts for the sports fan besides the team jersey?

A Custom Gift For Baseball Sports Fans

The team jersey makes a great gift for baseball sports fans, but if you're looking for an alternative, try this custom gift for baseball sports fans – the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Baseball sports fans who can appreciate owning a piece of history, will be more than happy to get a personalized wood Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Today, the Louisville Slugger is used by more than half of major league baseball players. It was the bat which baseball legend Babe Ruth used. Get a version that commemorates the winner of the current World Series and customize it with your own message to the birthday recipient.

What options do I have for customized NBA jerseys?

Customized NBA Jerseys For The Basketball Fan

Have some pals that would rather watch a game of hoops than anything else? If you're looking for a gift that's sure to be appreciated, get customized NBA jerseys for the basketball fan. Customized NBA jerseys come in three main types – home jerseys, road jerseys, and alternate jerseys. Get the replica version of the home, road, or alternate jersey if you want one of the basic customized NBA Jerseys. Go for the authentic jersey version of the home, road, or alternate jersey if you want one just like the pro basketball uniform. Customized jerseys also come in smaller sizes for the younger fans. Retail costs vary by team, but expect to pay about $60 for a personalized replica jersey and $200 for an authentic jersey. Pick any name and number you want and add it to the jersey for the perfect custom gift for a basketball fan.

What are some of the customized hockey jersey options available?

Customized Hockey Jerseys As Gifts

It's a sport with non-stop action and a puck that travels at breakneck speed. For the hockey fan with an upcoming birthday or anniversary celebration, customized hockey jerseys make great gifts. For the guy who attends every home game, get him an authentic home jersey. The authentic home jersey comes with double layers at the elbows and shoulders and goes for about $270. A replica home jersey goes for about $160. For the female hockey fan, customized hockey jerseys come in a fitted version. You can get one for about $75. Don't forget the younger hockey fans who can get a replica version of the customized hockey jerseys for $40.

Can you give me some suggestions for customized baseball jerseys as gifts?

Get A Customized Baseball Jersey

Any true baseball fan can appreciate a customized baseball jersey as a gift. Baseball jerseys also come custom made for the female baseball fan. It's modeled just like the real thing, but has a fitted shape. Know someone who follows his favorite team on the road? Consider a customized baseball jersey. The customized baseball jersey can display the player and his number or a name and number of your choosing. Just remember that when you purchase a shirt from the Major League Baseball shop, you can't print a retired baseball player's name on the team jersey they've retired from. If you decide to print a player's name on a customized baseball jersey, it has to be on the team jersey that they're currently playing on.

What options do I have for custom NFL jerseys?

Custom NFL Jerseys

Trying to find a gift for a football fan? Custom NFL jerseys make the perfect gift. No matter which team is his favorite, you can find a range of custom NFL jerseys that'll top his wish list. Get an authentic team jersey, which is a professional copy of the real deal. Expect to pay at least $200 for the authentic team jersey. If you want to save your pocketbook, get the more affordable replica team jersey, which comes in a breathable mesh. Most replica team jersey shirts start at $70. Your custom NFL jerseys can come with your favorite player and his jersey number or a name and number assigned by you.

Can you give me some ideas for customizing a jersey?

Ideas To Customize A Jersey

For the die-hard sports fan, consider getting a custom jersey as a gift. Whether the sport of choice is football, basketball, hockey, or baseball, we've got some ideas for you to customize a jersey.

  • Know someone who's glued to the tube for every touchdown, tackle, and field goal? Customize a jersey for him that's an authentic replication of the one worn by his favorite football player. Add his name to the back of the jersey for the perfect customized sports fan gift.
  • For the gal who has season front row tickets so she can watch every bank shot, foul, and three point shot live and up close, get her a swingman jersey with the name of her favorite basketball team on the front and name of the player on the back.
  • Got a sports fan who's watched every break, check, and pass on the ice ever since you've known him? Customize a hockey jersey for him that's a vintage replica from a specific year. Add the name and numbers of his favorite player.
  • If homeruns, line drives, and squeeze plays are more her game, customize a baseball jersey for her. Get a home jersey with the player of her choice or her name and a number picked out just for her.

Can I download sports logos and use them for products?

Using A Team Logo On Merchandise

If you think it's OK to download team logos off the Internet, use them for merchandise, and then sell them – think again. Any logo belonging to a particular sports team is protected against reproduction and imitation from other parties. If you want to use a team logo you must get permission to use it. If you're interested in using a team logo on merchandise or any other material, you'll have to contact the licensing department of that team and get permission. One way to find the terms and contact information for licensing team logos on a product is by going directly to the Website of a sports team.

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