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What ideas do you have for personalized baby gifts for boys?

Personalized Gifts For Baby Boys

Shopping for personalized gifts for baby boys can be more difficult than finding gifts for baby girls. Step into any store full of baby items and you'll likely find the floor occupied by many items for baby girls. If you're in need of some ideas for personalized gifts for baby boys, read our list.

Personalized onesies – Personalized onesies printed with the baby boy's name and a cute line will always be a hit. If you can't find what you're looking for, buy plain ones and print them at a professional printer.

Personalized stuffed bear – Get a personalized stuffed bear for a baby boy with a custom tee you can embroider with a name or message. Stuffed bears are a lovable, huggable addition for any baby boy.

Personalized bath robe – Wrap up a freshly bathed baby boy in a personalized bath robe. Get a hooded one in blue and embroider baby's name on the back.

Personalized feeding set – For the baby boy who is just starting to eat, a personalized feeding set, printed with baby's name on it will make the perfect gift. Get a complete package with a sippy cup, spoon, fork, bowl, and snack container for on the go.

Do you have some ideas for personalized baby clothing?

Personalized Baby Clothing

Personalized baby clothing is a fun gift for little ones. Customizing baby clothing is an easy way to add a little extra something to a gift. Here are some ideas for personalized baby clothing.

Embroidered – Take a t-shirt, sweatshirt, onesie, or any other baby's item and monogram your baby's initials, name, or a catchy phrase onto it.

Appliqué – Take a jacket, overall, or pair of pants and add an appliqué. Overalls can have a safari theme or you can turn your tot's jacket into one for an airline pilot.

Stuffed Characters – Add petite Velcro stuffed animals or dolls to the pocket of a tee, long sleeved shirt, or overalls. It's a cute way to add decorative items to a baby's clothing that Mom or Dad can change out at any time. Make sure there are no small parts that could be choking hazards.

Do you have some ideas for personalizing my diaper bag?

Personalized Diaper Bags

Let's face it -- diapers bags are something you'll be using a lot of as a mom with an infant or toddler. Carrying around diapers, bottles, and changing pads become de rigueur. One way to give your mothering experience a little boost is by treating yourself to personalized diaper bags. Have your diaper bag monogrammed. Get a seamstress to custom-make you your own personalized diaper bag once you've chosen the fabric. Or shop somewhere that lets you design your own custom personalized diaper bags from the fabric to the features. One such online shop, Brown Eyed Baby Boutique, lets you select the bag type, inside and outside fabrics, and add cool accessories like an interior vinyl bag, a key loop, and a pacifier pouch. If you want to monogram your custom Brown Eyed Baby Boutique diaper bag, you can do that too!

Can you give me some ideas for personalized baby blankets?

Ideas For Personalized Baby Blankets

Imagine soft, cuddly baby blankets decorating the nursery. Personalized baby blankets can look sophisticated, cute, colorful, or subdued. But creating personalized baby blankets add something extra to a practical gift for little ones. Try these custom baby blanket ideas as gifts:

Baby Blanket Quilt – Select colors, prints, and images which have special meaning to you about the baby and the family. For a variation on this, take all of baby's old clothing and use the pieces to make up the fabric in a patchwork blanket.

Pocket Keepsake Blanket – Sew clear pockets onto the baby blanket and fill with photos of baby's first year.

Photo Baby Blanket – Have a layout of photos arranged the way you want them on a baby blanket. A custom shop can create a blanket for you with the images you supply.

What are some personalized gift ideas for a baby girl?

Personalized Baby Gifts For Girls

Shopping for a baby girl can be a mind-boggling experience. There are a ton of options to consider from adorable infant toys to infant gear. Get something that shows you've given it a lot of thought by buying personalized baby gifts. Don't worry about being short on ideas. We've got a list of personalized baby gifts for girls here.

Personalized baby jewelry – Pretty, cute, and as petite as can be, pick up personalized baby jewelry for a baby girl. An ankle bracelet of Swarovski crystals, with sterling silver blocks spelling out her name would be a beautiful adornment for a precious baby girl.

Personalized Pint-sized furniture – For budding toddlers and infants to grow into, get pint-sized furniture made just for baby girls. Small bean bag chairs or a mini-rocking chair spelling out her name will be great additions to any nursery.

Personalized plush animal blanket throw – What baby girl wouldn't enjoy cuddling up with a plush animal throw? A fuzzy blanket complete with a soft bear head and velvety paws with her name embroidered on it makes a great gift.

Keepsake stuffed doll – Give the gift of a keepsake stuffed doll for a baby girl. A keepsake stuffed doll comes dressed in pink for a baby girl and you can order it in the exact size of the newborn baby girl at birth. Have the name of the baby, birth date, weight, and height embroidered on the gown of the keepsake doll.

How do I personalize a baby bib?

Personalized Baby Bibs

Baby bibs not only make practical gifts for keeping little ones clean during mealtime, but they can also make the perfect gift when you personalize it. Here are some ideas for personalized baby bibs that'll not only look adorable on baby, but make mom happier during feeding times as well.

  • Get a plain colored bib and embroider fun characters and text on it for a personalized baby gift. It's perfect for little droolers and will compliment any infant's outfit.
  • Select print fabric from the store and make the bib yourself. Retro prints, character prints, and even stripes are all possibilities for personalized baby bibs. Add a pocket to catch those falling crumbs.
  • Are you handy with a knitting needle? Knit a baby bib as a personalized gift. You don't have to limit yourself to the standard shapes. Try animal bibs like bears or pandas. More decorative than useful for keeping baby clean, these personalized baby bibs still look darling as part of a baby ensemble.

What items can I engrave as a baby gift?

Engraved Baby Gifts

Engraved baby gifts are one way to welcome the birth of a child, celebrate a first birthday, or show a gesture that you care - year round. Engraved items are typically silver or gold and can include images as well as letters. For ideas on engraved baby gifts for the littlest boy or girl, read our list.

  • Standard engraved baby gifts include stainless steel engraved spoons or cups. Engrave baby's name and birthday on the item.
  • Engraved items for the baby girl include an id bracelet studded with freshwater pearls or an engraved sterling silver cuff.
  • For baby boys, consider getting an engraved sterling silver baby rattle with a blue bow or an engraved keepsake box, lined in baby blue velvet.
  • Equally appropriate for both baby boys and girls, is a small engraved planter with a baby spruce tree or an engraved photo album.

Do you have ideas for customized newborn baby gifts?

Customized Baby Gifts For Newborns

For the newest little addition to a family, customized baby gifts add a personal touch to whatever you decide to give. Customized baby gifts can include everything from practical items for baby to sentimental objects for mom and dad. Here are some suggestions for custom gifts for newborns.

  • Newborns feel secure when they have a swaddling blanket to sleep in. Make this one present just for the newest member of the family by adding an embroidery of her name.
  • Shoot some footage of the soon-to-be proud mom and dad in the months before junior is born. Make a short digital recording of it and include it along with a mini video camcorder so parents can capture their own favorite moments.
  • Hire a writer who specializes in poetry to create a custom masterpiece about the child's birth. Have it inked, framed, and ready to give to the new mother and father.

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