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Do you have ideas for creating custom koozies?

Four Ideas For Custom Koozies

So you're throwing a big all-out party bash for an upcoming Super Bowl game, birthday party, or bachelor or bachelorette party. You'll be serving drinks in a can from beers to sodas and you think custom koozies will be perfect for your shindig. The only problem is you're not sure how to personalize it. We've got some options covered for you here. Read on and find out what they are:

  • If you're throwing a Super Bowl party, pick out custom koozies in one of your team's favorite colors. You can even get football or jersey shaped custom koozies just for your event. Print the team name in the other color on your custom koozies along with a message cheering your team on.
  • Having a last night of fun for a soon-to-be wed bride or groom? Get heart shaped custom koozies in pink for the bride-to-be or blue for the groom- to-be. Have a cute line like “Last Days of Freedom” screenprinted on the custom koozies for all the attendees.
  • For a 30th birthday bash, get custom koozies in the birthday celebrant's favorite color or go all black for can't miss custom koozies that'll go with just about anything. Going to Vegas to celebrate your 30th? Select dice shaped custom koozies and print a birthday message or borrow from a famous birthday quote.
  • Custom Koozies will work well for a retirement party as well. Any color of koozie will work well. The best thing to do is pick colors for a party theme and coordinate the koozie colors accordingly. You can add some tongue-in-cheek words like, “Over the Hill & Retired”. Or take on a more congratulatory tone with “Best Wishes For Your Retirement”. For the retiree who is a golfer, get golf ball custom koozies.

Where are some good applications for personalized shot glasses?

Make A Statement With Personalized Shot Glasses

One way to make a statement is with personalized shot glasses. You can use them for your bar, restaurant, party, or retail store. You can have your personalized shot glasses printed with your company logo, with a birthday message, or a graphic image. Give personalized shot glasses away at your next holiday gathering or use them as promotional pieces for a retail brand. Shot glasses are perfect to down a swig of Vodka and peach schnapps, but they also make great collector's items. People buy them from popular bars, from their travels around the world and across the country, and as mementos from concerts and other performances. Choose from standard 1-1/2 oz. shot glasses in a clear glass or 1-1/2 oz. shot glasses in a frosted glass. Other options include hurricane shaped shot glasses and 2 oz. shooter glasses.

Which events would personalized cups work well for?

Ideas For Personalized Cups

Personalized coffee mugs are too substantial. Custom koozies are just not what you're looking for. So what alternatives do you have for the casual party or event? Get personalized cups. Plastic stadium cups work well for outdoor sporting events, eateries at theme parks and museums, or any large-scale parties. You can select from range of colors and print the image, logo, or text you need with this type of affordable option. For events where beer will be served, consider getting handled plastic beverage mugs in a heavy-duty plastic. Select the perfect color and screenprint these personalized cups with your event.

What events might be good for custom bar supplies?

Custom Bar Supplies For Your Next Party

If you'll be supplying drinks at your next party, consider adding custom bar supplies. Custom bar supplies make a statement at your event and double as keepsakes for all of your guests. Whether you're serving soda or beer at a casual party, custom koozies make a great favor for your guests. Try them at your next bachelor or bachelorette party. Koozies come in multiple colors, so you can pick the one which best coordinates with your event theme. Select from the standard foam version or the type that folds flat for convenience. Buy them in bulk, get them screenprinted, and they're ready to go.

What are some uses for custom water bottles?

Custom Water Bottles For Your Next Outdoor Event

Throwing an outdoor party, fair, or sporting event? Whether it's a private affair, non-profit fundraiser, or commercial event, one way to commemorate the day is with custom water bottles. If you're celebrating a birthday bash, guests will appreciate the custom water bottles at a poolside party or out at the park – especially if you fill them up with a thirst quenching drink. Screenprint a birthday message on your custom water bottles and the guests will be happy to take home their party favors. For marathons, cycling tours, and other sporting events, participants will appreciate the use of custom water bottles imprinted with the details of the competition. Trade shows and promotional tours can also benefit with custom water bottles as a marketing tool. You'll be able to choose from a wide color selection to suit your needs or match your corporate colors.

What are some good uses for personalized travel mugs?

Promotion With Personalized Travel Mugs

One way to add a nice touch to drinking gear for coffee lovers is through personalized travel mugs. Create them as giveaways for your next office party, as promotional items at trade shows, or as retail items. Choose from insulated plastic versions or stainless steel versions. Both plastic and stainless steel can be imprinted with your company logo or a holiday message. You'll be able to choose from a variety of colors that best suit your needs. These personalized travel mugs double as portable advertisements for your company, retail establishment, or event. And they'll keep your heated drinks warm and your chilled drinks cold!

Can you give me some ideas for using personalized champagne flutes?

Personalized Champagne Flutes Make An Elegant Statement

Planning a wedding or other formal event? Consider adding personalized champagne flutes to your evening affair. Imagine a perfect table setting with floral centerpieces, white table clothes, covered chairs wrapped in delicate bows, and personalized champagne flutes as a personal touch. Screenprint your names and the date of the wedding if you're the happy pair. Or place the date and name of the event on the flutes if it's another upscale gathering. Give the personalized champagne flutes away as favors so every attendee will have something to remember the special day by. Choose from a glass champagne flute version for a truly memorable keepsake or a plastic champagne flute version if cost savings is an issue or glass isn't practical.

What are some ways I can use personalized coffee mugs?

Four Ideas For Personalized Coffee Mugs

A plain mug can be a pretty humdrum item. However, personalized coffee mugs can be fun and creative as giveaways or drinkware. Whether you're trying to come up with gifts for your employees, favors for your next big event, or ideas for your restaurant or coffeehouse, here are four ideas for personalized coffee mugs:

  • Get personalized coffee mugs to give away at your next office party. Have a ceramic mug printed with your company name and logo. Go with a white ceramic mug if you want a clean, understated appearance or try green for the holidays.
  • Got a posh little eatery and think the typical ceramic mugs just won't do? Screenprint clear glass mugs with your restaurant logo and you'll have some really elegant personalized coffee mugs.
  • Conferences make excellent venues for personalized coffee mugs. Order your mugs in bulk and print the event on a ceramic mug in the color of your choice.
  • Use personalized coffee mugs as advertisements. Putting together a trade show where there will be a lot of vendors, customers, and press? Put your sponsors on personalized coffee mugs. It's a great way to advertise in a way people will remember.

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