Make A Statement With Personalized Shot Glasses

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Where are some good applications for personalized shot glasses?

Make A Statement With Personalized Shot Glasses

One way to make a statement is with personalized shot glasses. You can use them for your bar, restaurant, party, or retail store. You can have your personalized shot glasses printed with your company logo, with a birthday message, or a graphic image. Give personalized shot glasses away at your next holiday gathering or use them as promotional pieces for a retail brand. Shot glasses are perfect to down a swig of Vodka and peach schnapps, but they also make great collector's items. People buy them from popular bars, from their travels around the world and across the country, and as mementos from concerts and other performances. Choose from standard 1-1/2 oz. shot glasses in a clear glass or 1-1/2 oz. shot glasses in a frosted glass. Other options include hurricane shaped shot glasses and 2 oz. shooter glasses.



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