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What are some ideas for doing customized wrapping paper?

Customized Wrapping Paper

Getting gifts is exciting, but part of the fun is opening the wrapping paper. Having gifts with customized wrapping paper makes the whole gift exchange twice as fun. Whether you're planning a birthday celebration or corporate holiday bash, order wrapping paper from a company that specializes in personalization. The Happy Wrappings Web site has a range of styles that you can personalize from fun prints where you write your own personal message to orders for corporate parties where you submit your own logo for a custom design. For customized wrapping paper that's truly unique, try photo wrapping paper. South River Trading Company has a range of papers you can order online. Whether it's for baby's first birthday or an anniversary celebration, you can select the wrapping paper you want, upload your photos and have the order shipped directly to you.

What would be a great personalized gift for my child?

A Custom Christmas Gift Your Child Will Love

At Christmas time, most folks head straight to the toy store to buy the latest toys or gadgets. Instead of following the crowd, why not create a custom Christmas gift your child will be sure to love? We're not talking about personalized shirts or custom photos. Instead, find out what your child truly enjoys and make her emerging talent a reality with a custom Christmas gift.

  • If you have a budding artist in the family, get an easel, rolls of paper, some finger paint, markers and crayons. Enroll her in an art class and watch her imagination blossom.
  • For the kid who wants to be a musician, before Christmas, bring your child to the music store to try out a range of instruments. On Christmas day, surprise him with his instrument of choice and a few lessons to get him started.
  • Is your child a budding ice princess or shooting to be a hockey jock? Get her a pair of ice skates or hockey skates for him. Then take your child to the nearest rink for an afternoon of fun.

What are some ideas for personalized father’s day gifts?

Personalized Father's Day Gift

Trying to figure out what to get Dad for Father's Day? Though familiar standards like neckties and shirts are easy standbys, why not give a personalized Father's Day gift instead? A personalized Father's Day gift shows you've given Dad's gift some thought – something Dad might appreciate just as much as the gift.

Is your dad a tried and true sports fan? On Father's Day, present him with a little sports bag full of goodies. Include tickets to his favorite game, a personalized hat from the team and drinks and snacks as part of the package.

For the golfing dad, send him away to a golf clinic for the day. He can work on his technique, then relax while enjoying the outdoor scene. Golf courses such as the Sonoma Golf club in California will teach Dad the tricks of the trade, videotape his form and give him time on his own to enjoy the facilities. You can even have a personalized golf shirt made for him to wear on the course.

What can I personalize for Mother's Day?

Personalize Mom's Gifts

When Mother's Day rolls around each year people are often left scrambling to find that perfect gift for Mom. What could be better than something that is personalized just for her by you? Try creating a personalized Mother's Day gift, such as a customized t-shirt or tank top, or even a personalized coffee mug, wine glass or travel mug. Mom doesn't need another pair of earrings this year; she needs a personalized gift from the heart! You may be wondering what you would put on your personalized Mother's Day gift? How about creating a t-shirt for your grandmother with a picture of her grandchildren on it under a slogan such as “The Grand in Grandma!” Or create a coffee mug with a photo your mom took on her latest vacation, a photo of a beautiful flower or her favorite pet along with some text showcasing your love. You can download your own photos or use photos already supplied by the site. There are approximately 10,000 pictures to choose from! Mom deserves a great gift every year, this year make it the best gift ever -- make it a personalized one!

Can you give me some suggestions for personalized Christmas gifts?

A Personalized Christmas Gift For Each Member Of The Family

Trying to figure out what Christmas gift to get for each member of your family? Get everyone a personalized Christmas gift to show how much you care. For grandparents, uncles and everyone in between, we've got some ideas to keep you covered.

Personalized Stocking Stuffers – Everyone might want to rush for the presents under the tree, but stocking stuffers are the fun goodies. Get personalized stockings with everyone's name embroidered on them. Don't just stop personalizing at the stocking, either. Think about getting Mom a miniature bottle of her favorite perfume. For Dad, let him know his favorite magazine subscription is on the way. Kids will love finding toys and gadgets from their favorite movies and television programs.

Custom Photo Book – This personalized Christmas gift will be a hit with grandparents and all your extended family. Bound like a hardcover book and filled with glossy pages, a custom photo book comes filled with photos handpicked by you. Add captions or leave them off. All you need to do is upload digital photos to an online photo printer like Shutterfly.

Custom Stamps – Have custom stamps made for family and friends. Pick from photos, graphics, or artwork – if you can create it, a company like can print it. Customize stamps with photos of pets, kids or the whole family. You can also print stamps with your own messages or create your own artwork showcasing landscape, scenery or caricatures. Deliver the custom stamps in a package for use or have a sheet framed to hang on the wall.

What are some ideas for personalized chocolates?

Ideas For Personalized Chocolates

There's nothing like enjoying the rich, sweet flavor of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Whether you're looking for favor ideas or memorable gifts, you can't skip the personalized chocolates. Try these ideas for personalized chocolates.

  • Who says chocolates have to be a certain shape? Whether you dream of dark chocolate penguins or white chocolate polar bears, you can custom make chocolate in virtually any shape or form you desire. You'll need to have a custom chocolate mold made for a unique design. ChocolatesOnline does custom molds in addition to selling a variety of chocolates.
  • Have a message in mind you want to send? Printed chocolates are the perfect answer. Try a short message on M & M candies or creating your own personalized chocolate labels for a candy bar.
  • Photos on chocolates? You bet. It's a great way to personalize. Send a digital image and order a chocolate lollipop, portrait or edible ornament. One company which takes care of the chocolate photos for you is

What are some ways I can customize gift bags?

Ideas For Customized Gift Bags

Giving out gift bags for a party or to a few friends? Take your gift giving a step further by making customized gift bags to hand out. Whether you're making customized gift bags for a few buddies or a huge crowd at a party, try out these great ideas.

For large groups, make printed customized gift bags. Paper bags with your logo or event are one way to go, but you can also embroider a tote for a more formal affair or screenprint a cinchpack for a casual one.

Making your own customized gift bags for family and friends? Take a plain brown paper bag. Customize it with cutouts by using shaped hole punchers. Choose from musical notes, stars, flowers and hearts.

For an elegant gift bag that you can see through, use a plain mesh bag available at some art supply stores. Adorn the bag with colored ribbon. Add beads at the ends of the ties. Stuff the interior with colored shredded paper. The gifts become part of the eye candy.

What kinds of options do I have with personalized holiday ornaments?

Personalized Christmas Ornaments Make The Perfect Gift

For a Christmas gift that'll bring back memories every year, have personalized Christmas ornaments made. You can print a message for the holidays, reproduce a photo for your baby's first Christmas or engrave holiday greetings on personalized Christmas ornaments. Ornament choices are varied. Choose from glass round ornaments, acrylic figure ornaments, metal finished two-dimensional ornaments and decorative wooden ornaments. Personalized Christmas ornaments can be simple and elegant, like a glass ornament with a Christmas inscription. They can be endearing, like a photo ornament with a snapshot taken of the entire family. They can be cute and light-hearted, like character ornaments emblazoned with the recipient's name.

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