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Can you give me some ideas for inexpensive party favors?

Five Personalized Favors For Under Five Bucks

Want to get personalized favors, but the cost is keeping you away? You can have personalized favors that won't break the bank. Here are five personalized favors for under five bucks.

  • Homemade cookies – They're perfect for birthday parties. Make your own homemade cookies, wrap them in colored cellophane, ribbon and finish them off with a tag.
  • Personalized Magnets – They're cute. They're inexpensive. You can create any design you want with photos, graphics or text. Give away personalized magnets at baby showers, Christmas get-togethers and family reunions.
  • Custom Matchbooks – It's a tiny package that says a lot. Use them at engagement parties, cocktail parties and New Year's bashes.
  • Custom Chocolate Coins – They're great for weddings, anniversaries or any other celebratory event. They're elegant, you can select from standard designs or make your own. Scatter them around on a table or give them away in sets.
  • Mini Custom Candles – Pick the color and the scent and you've got custom candles to give away as favors. Select a lavender gel candle with a vanilla scent or an apple scented candle in a lime color. Then add the hang tags and your gift is complete.

What are some ideas for personalized bachelorette party gift ideas?

Personalized Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

The bachelorette party is a time for the bride-to-be to spend bonding with her friends and celebrating her last single days. If you're the putting together this last night of fun, you're probably trying to come up with some personalized bachelorette party gift ideas. We've made your life a little easier by providing you with personalized bachelorette party gift ideas.

Personalized Party Pack – Show the guests your appreciation by making a personalized party pack for the bachelorette party. Get them personalized shot glasses printed with the name of the event, include the ingredients for girls to make their own Jello shooters and include some fun paraphernalia, like a hot pink boa.

Printed Party Gear – Get printed party gear for the whole gang. Have one line for the whole group – try “Bachelorette Party in Progress” for starters – and print them on tank tops, fitted tees or a cute hoody.

Bachelorette Snack Pack – Have a custom pack of munchies, sweets and treats made for the bachelorette party. You can have a party bag printed with the name and date of the event and stuff it full of sinfully good food – pastries, truffles and gourmet cookies.

What are some ways I can use imprinted balloons?

Five Ways You Can Use Imprinted Balloons

You can give away balloons on a birthday or special occasion, but why not go one extra step and give away imprinted balloons? If you're not sure what occasion might benefit from imprinted balloons over the regular ones, here are some scenarios where imprinted balloons will come in handy.

1. Give imprinted balloons as an apology. It beats a simple apology and says, “Sorry” better than plain balloons.
2. Get engaged with imprinted balloons. She might just think you're handing over an early birthday gift, but she'll be much more thrilled to find “Will You Marry Me?” on imprinted balloons with the ring attached.
3. Announce you're pregnant. Want to let family members know you're expecting, but a simple phone call won't do? Try sending imprinted balloons. It's good news in an uplifting package.
4. Use imprinted balloons at a birthday party, wedding or family reunion. It adds a personal touch to regular balloons.
5. Celebrate a grand opening, sale or promotional event. Whether you're open for business or marking down price tags, draw in customers with imprinted balloons.

Can you give me some ideas for personalized sweet sixteen gifts?

Personalized Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Know someone who's turning sweet sixteen? It's a major milestone during the teen years. Personalized sweet sixteen gift ideas don't have to be elaborate, they just have to be creative. Help a sweet sixteen girl celebrate her big day with these personalized sweet sixteen gift ideas.

Sweet sixteen home party pack – Find out what chick flick is your sweet sixteen's favorite. Get the DVD and put together a fun party pack complete with popcorn, boxed candy, jammies, comfy slippers and soft drinks. Play up the sweet sixteen theme by making everything in one girl-friendly color – pretty in pink or lady-like lavender.

Glam Photo Session – Make a custom glam photo session for a sweet sixteen girl. Have a dress designed just for her. Hire a seamstress, provide the pattern and you'll find it's fairly affordable. Get her a gift bag full of make-up products, head out to the photo studio,and let her have a blast.

Lunch Box Picnic- Does your sweet sixteen buddy have a favorite TV show, movie or character? Get her the lunch box version of it. Pack up a thermos of her favorite drink. Cut up bite sized sandwich squares and add a little dessert. Take her out to her favorite outdoor hangout and chat over munchies.

Can you give me some personalized favor ideas for a formal affair?

Four Personalized Party Favors For Formal Affairs

Planning a formal event in the near future? If you are, you'll need some ideas for personalized party favors suitable for formal affairs. Try something from our list of four personalized party favors.

  1. Formal affairs call for tableware with an extra dose of style and flair. Guests will be delighted to take home personalized napkins as a memento from the night. Get them embossed for a subtle effect or designed with gold foil to make an elegant statement.
  2. Personalized coasters make unique favors for a formal affair. Choose from ceramic, glass and heavy cardstock choices. Have them printed in a contemporary design or elegant font.
  3. For favors that will leave each guest feeling special, get silk napkin belt holders with the initial of each guest embroidered on this elegant keepsake.
  4. These favors are perfect for the elegant affair with an Asian influence. Get each guest a pair of personalized wood and silver plated chopsticks engraved with a message from you.

What ideas do you have for personalized family reunion gifts?

Personalized Family Reunion Gift Ideas

Planning a family reunion? If so, you'll need some personalized family reunion gift ideas. From fun custom gifts to gifts that warm the heart, these personalized family reunion gift ideas are just what you're looking for.

Gift exchange game - Get personalized gifts for each member of the family and make a game out of it. Have each member of the family write down a gift wish within a reasonable budget. One person acts as the facilitator and collects all the personalized gift wishes. The designated family member then assigns gifts at random to everyone in the family, making sure not to give a gift wish to the person who wrote the wish. At the gift exchange, open each gift and guess who each gift is for.

Favor gift exchange - Instead of exchanging physical gifts, exchange personal gifts in the form of favors. Each person in the family makes a wish list of favors they need. Some ideas could be helping with homework, babysitting, mowing the lawn or shopping for groceries. Each person picks one favor they want to do without knowing who wrote the request. After the reunion, each family has up to a year to complete the personalized gift favor.

Personalized family history name book – Get a personalized family name book printed out – one copy for each member of the family. This history name book is personalized for a specific family name. One such book, distributed by gives a historical account of other people with the same last name, including where they originated, where they traveled and where they reside within the United States today.

What ideas do you have for Bar Mitzvah favors?

Custom Bar Mitzvah Gifts For Your Guests

Planning on throwing a Bar Mitzvah celebration any time soon? It's a big day for Jewish boys to celebrate their coming-of-age. For such an important event, you'll need custom Bar Mitzvah gifts to pass out to all the guests. Here are a list of ideas for custom Bar Mitzvah gifts for your guests.

Custom Chocolates - Sweets are always a hit at any celebration, but customized labels for chocolates make the Bar Mitzvah celebration that much more memorable. Design a label and include the name of the Bar Mitzvah boy for favors that every guest will appreciate.

Custom Tees – Create personalized tees as custom Bar Mitzvah favors. Select different sizes in a unisex t-shirt for every guest, design your own graphics and text and send them off for printing.

Custom Hat – It's a variation on the custom tees. Design your own custom hat to give out as custom Bar Mitzvah gifts for all the attendees. Include the Bar Mitzvah boy's name, the event and add a cool graphic that all the attendees will love.

Personalized Mint Tins – Create some personalized mint tins printed to commemorate the Bar Mitzvah celebration and add whatever treats you want. Don't limit yourself to just mints - any type of candy will do.

What are some ideas for personalized class reunion gifts?

Personalized Class Reunion Gift Ideas

Class reunions are about seeing old friends, reminiscing on old times and catching up on what's new. If you're planning a class reunion, you have the daunting task of coming up with personalized class reunion gift ideas. Rest easy. We've compiled some personalized class reunion gift ideas to make your life a little easier.

Reunion Year Book – Rather than just thinking about times that have past, gather some information about the class and what they're doing now. Put together a reunion yearbook with photos and updates about the entire class.

Reunion Newspaper – Your class had a newspaper, so why not your reunion? Write some stories about alumni and their current lives, work and family life. Incorporate a section for “business”, “lifestyles,” “sports,” and “travel.” Include some current events, so reunion members can reflect on what's going on around them during their reunion day.

Personalized Journal – Get a personalized journal for every single reunion attendee. Guests can have personal messages written from old friends, get contact information updates and have an elegant favor to take home from the event.

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