Personalized Family Reunion Gift Ideas

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Personalized Family Reunion Gift Ideas

Planning a family reunion? If so, you'll need some personalized family reunion gift ideas. From fun custom gifts to gifts that warm the heart, these personalized family reunion gift ideas are just what you're looking for.

Gift exchange game - Get personalized gifts for each member of the family and make a game out of it. Have each member of the family write down a gift wish within a reasonable budget. One person acts as the facilitator and collects all the personalized gift wishes. The designated family member then assigns gifts at random to everyone in the family, making sure not to give a gift wish to the person who wrote the wish. At the gift exchange, open each gift and guess who each gift is for.

Favor gift exchange - Instead of exchanging physical gifts, exchange personal gifts in the form of favors. Each person in the family makes a wish list of favors they need. Some ideas could be helping with homework, babysitting, mowing the lawn or shopping for groceries. Each person picks one favor they want to do without knowing who wrote the request. After the reunion, each family has up to a year to complete the personalized gift favor.

Personalized family history name book – Get a personalized family name book printed out – one copy for each member of the family. This history name book is personalized for a specific family name. One such book, distributed by gives a historical account of other people with the same last name, including where they originated, where they traveled and where they reside within the United States today.



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