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What ideas do you have for personalized bride and groom gifts?

Personalized Wedding Gifts For The Bride And Groom

Want to give a unique gift to the bride and groom? Put personalized wedding gifts on your list of things to give for a from-the-heart and unique gift idea. Personalized wedding gifts for the bride and groom make a statement. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Get the bride and groom an engraved keepsake box to house mementos from their wedding day – photographs, speeches, invitations, and the marriage license can all go together here.
  • Get the happy couple an elegant storybook. With room for questions about a couple's first date to a typical family outing, this is one personalized wedding gift the bride and groom can go back and enjoy time and time again.
  • Frame a tastefully done family tree for the bride and groom. The couple can trace their family ancestry on colored leaves of a tree. This gift is not just a piece of family history, it is also an attractive piece of décor for the wall.

Do you have suggestions for personalized wedding gifts for parents?

Personalized Wedding Gifts For Parents

Whether you're the bride or the groom, getting personalized wedding gifts for Mom and Dad shows your appreciation for their love and support over the years as well as through your wedding planning process. If you're mulling over some ideas for personalized wedding gifts for your parents, read our suggestions.

Birthstone necklace – Thank mom and show how much you care with a birthstone necklace. Don't just include one for her birth month. Have one birthstone for each member of the family.

Customized Art Print – Get Mom a custom art print that lets her walk down memory lane. An artist creates a street full of memories from favorite and cherished memories like attending a film, going on vacation, or dining at a restaurant.

Music Collection – Get Mom an MP3 player and load it with cherished songs from your wedding as well as some of her personal favorites.

Book Reader – Get Dad a digital book reader and load it up with a personal story written about your life growing up with him.

Philanthropic Gift – If Dad has everything he could ever need. Give him something he'll appreciate – a donation to his favorite charity in his name.

Monogrammed Cuff Links – The tuxedo for the wedding may be a rental, but that doesn't mean that Dad doesn't have something to take with him after the wedding day. Get him monogrammed cuff links with his initials as a gift.

What are some personalized wedding gift ideas for groomsmen?

Personalized Wedding Gifts For the Groomsmen

Your best man was there when you broke your leg in Las Vegas and had to go to the emergency room. You've invited two of your college buddies to be your groomsmen. And let's not forget your brother, who's been with you through every fight, prank, and childhood mishap. It's time to thank all of your groomsman for being a part of your life and participating in your wedding. So what do you get them all? Take your pick from one of these personalized wedding gifts for groomsmen.

Custom Martini Gift Set – Put together a custom martini gift set for each of your groomsmen so they can create a few cocktails to wind down after the whirlwind rush of the wedding festivities. Get a martini shaker and engrave it with your groomsman's initials, add the key ingredients to these personalized gifts and you have personalized wedding gifts all your groomsmen will enjoy.

Digital Swiss Army Knife – It's not just any Swiss Army knife, it's one which comes with enough megabytes of memory to store your favorite files. Pack some JPG photos, copies of the speeches from the wedding festivities, and any other memorabilia from the big day. If you want to go low-tech, get a stainless steel one and engrave your groomsmen's initials.

Stogie Case – Planning on celebrating the wedding with a few cigars? Don't just hand over a few Cubans to your groomsmen; get them a custom cigar case holder that you monogram for each guy in your wedding party.

Can you give me some ideas for personalized gifts for bridesmaids?

Personalized Wedding Gifts For Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids in your wedding party are your closest friends and relatives. They've been your support and confidantes throughout stages in your life as well as the wedding. They put in the time and effort to make your wedding day special. So why not thank your bridesmaids with personalized wedding gifts? We've compiled some great ideas for personalized wedding gifts for bridesmaids here.

Engraved Locket – Give each of your bridesmaids an engraved locket. You can engrave it with her initials and add a small photo. It's a sweet gift to thank all your bridesmaids and you can personalize it just the way you want.

Mini Spa Package – Say thank you with a mini spa package for all of your bridesmaids. Include a certificate for a manicure and pedicure in an attractive box or tin. Have cozy slippers monogrammed with their initials. Then your bridesmaids can set aside some time to do some post wedding day pampering or you can all get together to have a spa day together.

Make-up Goodies – Put together a make-up goody bag for each of your bridesmaids. Buy miniature products they can use for touching up and primping throughout the day – a small container of powder, lip-gloss, and mascara. Then include a compact and inscribe a special message to each gal in your wedding party.

Can you tell me what my options are for personalized wedding napkins?

Personalized Wedding Napkins

Personalized wedding napkins add a nice touch to a wedding event, whether it is an informal luncheon or dinner affair. Not only will the guests get treated to a table setting with extra flair, they'll have a keepsake from the big day. Here are some pointers for personalized wedding napkins:

  • Personalized wedding napkins typically come as 3-ply paper napkin.
  • Personalized wedding napkins come in a multitude of solid colors, but you can choose to have designs printed on them, too. This usually costs a little extra.
  • You can get personalized wedding napkins in a larger “towel” size napkins.
  • You can monogram apkins, imprint them with words, or add a design and imprint of text.
  • The color of the printing can have a matte, foil, or satin finish.
  • Some options for personalized wedding napkins include heart designs, imprinting the couple's name, or imprinting a message signed by the bride and groom.

What are some variations on a standard wedding photo album?

Personalized Photo Albums For The Wedding Couple

Personalized photo albums for the wedding couple are treasures which allow a bride and groom to cherish their memories for many years. Rather than giving newlyweds a standard book to house their photos in, try these ideas for personalized photo albums for the wedding couple:

Personalized Wedding Scrapbook – Instead of giving your wedding couple a standard photo album, compile a wedding scrapbook, including details and elements from the couple's wedding and life.

Personalized Engraved Wedding Book – Have a silver album engraved with a message and the couple's wedding date. A cover with a window photo and loose-leaf vellum interior with black pages make an elegant choice.

Digital Personalized Wedding Album – With today's technology, there's no reason why a digital photo album can't become a cherished wedding gift for the bride and groom. You'll need to get digital photo frame, which comes in a variety of finishes from traditional to high-tech. Many these days come with a USB port which allows you to plug in a digital memory card full of photos.

What is a good alternative to the standard engraved wedding gift?

An Alternative To The Standard Engraved Wedding Gift

Thinking about getting an engraved wedding gift as a present? You can give the happy couple an engraved pair of champagne flutes or an engraved photo frame. But the newlyweds would be thrilled to get a gift that's just a little bit different than the standard engraved wedding gift – get them an engraved crystal photo. An engraved crystal photo uses a laser and computer software to etch an image of someone onto a piece of crystal. One way an etching company does this is by taking a high quality front photograph, having a three-dimensional artist translate the image, and using a computer controlled laser, etches an image within a piece of crystal. An image can also be created from a scan of a bust or of a person's face. An etching company can create two-dimensional images as well as three-dimensional images onto a crystal object.

Can you give me some ideas for embroidered towels for the bride and groom?

Matching Embroidered Towels For the Bride and Groom

One way to congratulate the wedding couple is with a set of matching embroidered towels. It's a practical gift that you can personalize to jazz up with custom embroidery. Monogrammed initials are one way to go, but in case you want to get a bit more creative, here are some ideas for wedding gift embroidered towels:

  • For him and her variations, have an image of a groom embroidered on one towel and a bride embroidered on the other.
  • Find out what activities or sports the bride and groom are big on and have their respective favorites placed on their embroidered towels.
  • Create a cartoon likeness for “His” towel and do the same for “Her” towel. Have the images embroidered.
  • Use borders to denote the “His” and “Hers” towel sets. Try embroidering a contemporary motif in rich blue for him and one in deep plum for her.

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