An Alternative To The Standard Engraved Wedding Gift

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What is a good alternative to the standard engraved wedding gift?

An Alternative To The Standard Engraved Wedding Gift

Thinking about getting an engraved wedding gift as a present? You can give the happy couple an engraved pair of champagne flutes or an engraved photo frame. But the newlyweds would be thrilled to get a gift that's just a little bit different than the standard engraved wedding gift – get them an engraved crystal photo. An engraved crystal photo uses a laser and computer software to etch an image of someone onto a piece of crystal. One way an etching company does this is by taking a high quality front photograph, having a three-dimensional artist translate the image, and using a computer controlled laser, etches an image within a piece of crystal. An image can also be created from a scan of a bust or of a person's face. An etching company can create two-dimensional images as well as three-dimensional images onto a crystal object.



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