Personalized Photo Albums For The Wedding Couple

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What are some variations on a standard wedding photo album?

Personalized Photo Albums For The Wedding Couple

Personalized photo albums for the wedding couple are treasures which allow a bride and groom to cherish their memories for many years. Rather than giving newlyweds a standard book to house their photos in, try these ideas for personalized photo albums for the wedding couple:

Personalized Wedding Scrapbook – Instead of giving your wedding couple a standard photo album, compile a wedding scrapbook, including details and elements from the couple's wedding and life.

Personalized Engraved Wedding Book – Have a silver album engraved with a message and the couple's wedding date. A cover with a window photo and loose-leaf vellum interior with black pages make an elegant choice.

Digital Personalized Wedding Album – With today's technology, there's no reason why a digital photo album can't become a cherished wedding gift for the bride and groom. You'll need to get digital photo frame, which comes in a variety of finishes from traditional to high-tech. Many these days come with a USB port which allows you to plug in a digital memory card full of photos.



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