Personalized Wedding Gifts For the Groomsmen

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What are some personalized wedding gift ideas for groomsmen?

Personalized Wedding Gifts For the Groomsmen

Your best man was there when you broke your leg in Las Vegas and had to go to the emergency room. You've invited two of your college buddies to be your groomsmen. And let's not forget your brother, who's been with you through every fight, prank, and childhood mishap. It's time to thank all of your groomsman for being a part of your life and participating in your wedding. So what do you get them all? Take your pick from one of these personalized wedding gifts for groomsmen.

Custom Martini Gift Set – Put together a custom martini gift set for each of your groomsmen so they can create a few cocktails to wind down after the whirlwind rush of the wedding festivities. Get a martini shaker and engrave it with your groomsman's initials, add the key ingredients to these personalized gifts and you have personalized wedding gifts all your groomsmen will enjoy.

Digital Swiss Army Knife – It's not just any Swiss Army knife, it's one which comes with enough megabytes of memory to store your favorite files. Pack some JPG photos, copies of the speeches from the wedding festivities, and any other memorabilia from the big day. If you want to go low-tech, get a stainless steel one and engrave your groomsmen's initials.

Stogie Case – Planning on celebrating the wedding with a few cigars? Don't just hand over a few Cubans to your groomsmen; get them a custom cigar case holder that you monogram for each guy in your wedding party.



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