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Do you have any tips for putting iron-on transfers onto custom tees?

Four Tricks For Getting Iron-on Transfers Right

Getting iron-on transfers to look good on custom t-shirts takes a bit of know-how and technique. To get your custom t-shirts looking picture perfect, follow our tricks of the trade.

  • Before you decide to try out the transfer on an actual shirt, do a test print. There's always a bit of difference in the way things look on the screen versus an actual print. Once you've printed, you can view the actual color, look and scale of the artwork. Keep in mind that ink colors will look different on different kinds of papers.
  • Don't forget to mirror your image before you print. Iron-on transfers are mirror images of what you'll see on the actual shirt. If you're looking at the image the way you would see it on a tee, you still have to reverse the image.
  • Your custom t-shirts will look their best when you apply the iron-on transfers with a very high heat. Make sure your iron is set to the appropriate temperature and that you've given it enough time to warm up. Or better yet, use a heat press.
  • If you've put a white graphic into your design, remember that white does not print. What you'll end up getting is the fabric where the white graphic should have been.

Do you have some ideas for customized hoodies?

Six Ideas For Customized Hoodies

Customized hoodies make the ideal garment for everyone on your shopping list. Make customized hoodies for your girlfriends, parents or even for promotional events. Pick out a style, color and personalize it with text, graphics or a logo. We've compiled six ideas for customized hoodies to get your creative juices going.

  • Customized hoodies don't have to be thick or bulky. For customized hoodies even your most stylish girlfriend would love, get a sleek baby rib cotton sleeveless hoody and add a simple cool phrase.
  • For the woman who's almost due, get her a custom hoody in a stretch fleece knit. Add a graphic like, “Almost Due” for a cute personalized gift.
  • Are Mom and Dad fans of their college football team? Get them matching zip hoodies in their team colors and add a slogan cheering their team on the back.
  • For tradeshows, promotional events or large-scale parties, print up pullover customized hoodies advertising the occasion.
  • Customized hoodies work great for dogs, too. You can buy one made just for your favorite pooch. Personalize it with his name or throw in a bit of canine humor.
  • Custom hoodies make adorable gifts for the littlest of babes. Get a pint-sized zip-up hoody and embroider a sweet nickname. Try phrases like “Princess,” “Diva,” or “Babe.”

What alternative do I have to commercial screenprinting for custom t-shirts?

Iron-on Transfers For Custom Clothing

One alternative to commercial screenprinting to create custom clothing is to use iron-on transfers. It's a great solution to designing a single tee as opposed to doing a number of shirts. You can get a complete kit, with a t-shirt, transfer paper and software. Or you can buy your materials separately and create your design on a graphics software program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. By using heat, you transfer the final image onto your t-shirt. One way to do this is by an iron, but you may get varied results. The best device for placing iron-on transfers onto custom clothing is a heat press. The images come out cleaner and adhere more permanently to the t-shirt. The one drawback is that unless you have access to a heat press, you'll end up spending at least a few hundred dollars to purchase one.

How do you customize a shirt with tie dye?

Customize A Shirt With Tie Dye

Want to customize a shirt that's tailor made for you or to give away as a gift? You can print shirts or embroider them, but there are more than a few ways to customize a shirt. Tie dye is one way to create a fun pattern on a shirt. If you want to customize a shirt with a two-tone tie dye pattern, read the following directions:

What you'll need:

  • Two colors of t-shirt dye
  • Two Buckets
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Rubber bands

What you'll need to do:
  • Prepare the t-shirt dyes per the manufacturer's instructions and place into separate buckets.
  • Take the cotton t-shirt and twist it as if you were ringing a towel.
  • Tie both ends of the twisted t-shirt with rubber bands to keep it twisted.
  • Dip the cotton t-shirt in the lighter color and leave it there for about five minutes.
  • Rinse off the shirt in cool water until the running water runs clear.
  • Untie the t-shirt and re-twist it, keeping the colored section in the middle or twist from a different corner than previously.
  • Dip the shirt in the darker dye color for about five minutes.
  • Repeat the rinsing process.
  • Remove the rubber bands.
  • Wash your tie dye shirt in warm water, a small amount of detergent, and rinse in cool water.

What do I do I need to know before I get custom t-shirts printed?

What You Should Know About Printing Custom T-Shirts

Whether you're printing custom t-shirts for an event, party or team, being prepared means you'll get it done right the first time around. Here are a few pointers so you'll have perfectly printed custom t-shirts just the way you expected them.

  • Plan your timeline accordingly. Printing out t-shirts takes time and you can wait a few weeks or more. Leave yourself enough room so you won't have to pay more for a rush order.
  • Before you head out to the printers with your design, think about what t-shirts you'll be printing on. Some printing shops sell their own tees for printing, but it might be worth your while to shop around for the shirts you want at a better deal.
  • Check with the printers to find out what colors are standard and which ones need to be mixed. Colors that aren't stock colors can cost you more.
  • Always get a quote for your order so you know what you're paying for, how much and when you can expect to get your order.
  • Always inspect the proof before you print multiple custom t-shirts. You may catch an error that either you or the printer has made.

What are some good ideas for using personalized t shirts for gifts?

Personalized T Shirts For Every Occasion

Personalized t shirts make suitable gifts for every occasion, year round. If you're wondering what to give away as gifts at the next big event, try out these personalized t shirts.

Family Reunion Personalized T shirts – Family reunions are a great event for personalized t shirts. Design a theme, logo or crest for the entire family and issue a new custom shirt for every year.

Class Reunion – If you're trying to come up with gifts for the next class reunion, personalized t shirts will let you commemorate the event, whether it's a ten year or thirty year reunion. Design the shirt and tee in your school colors and send all the attendees home with a message commemorating the event.

Stocking Stuffers – Create personalized t shirts for the Christmas season. Each family member can have a custom-made shirt with his or her own caricature and name attached to it.

Can you give me some ideas for personalized photo t-shirts?

Four Different Ideas For Personalized Photo T-shirts

If pictures can say a thousand words, than photo t-shirts can say at least a thousand and more. If you're looking for a way to make a gift that says a lot without using any words, personalized photo t-shirts are the way to go. Here are some ideas for what you can do with a plain tee and a photo.

1. Personalized Photo T-shirts for pet lovers – Take a snapshot of your buddy's beloved pet. Turn it into an art piece by tweaking it in a software program like Photoshop and have the perfect photo printed out on a t-shirt.
2. Personalized Photo T-shirts as announcements – Thinking about getting engaged or announcing an elopement? Send a picture of yourself down on bended knee with the engagement ring and place it on a tee. Or let guests know about your elopement at a party with a photo tee of you and your spouse decked out in your wedding finery.
3. Personalized Photo T-shirts as keepsakes – Take candid photos of guests at your next party or event. Print the photos out on t-shirts and hand them out as keepsakes for all of your attendees.
4. Personalized Photo T-shirts as part of a game – Not only will your guests get to keep their photo tees, but they'll get to use them as part of a game activity. Print different photo t-shirts for everyone with a different clue for a scavenger hunt. Guests will have a great time trying to come up with the item and they'll have a memento to remember the event with.

How do I go about getting personalized funny t-shirts made?

Personalized Funny T-shirts

Personalized funny t-shirts can be a blast at your next birthday party, bachelor party or bachelorette event. If you want to have personalized funny t-shirts made, this step-by-step guide will tell you how to get it done.

  • Come up with a humorous line to place on your personalized funny t-shirt. It shouldn't be much longer than a sentence or two. For inspiration, check online for famous quotes or use popular phrases from a movie or television.
  • Use a software graphic program like Adobe Illustrator and lay out the text in the size and type that's appropriate for the t-shirt.
  • Find a t-shirt printer and send a file per their requirements. Generally, you'll pay a lower cost per shirt when you print in larger quantities. T-shirt printers vary, but most require a JPG image.

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