Four Tricks For Getting Iron-on Transfers Right

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Do you have any tips for putting iron-on transfers onto custom tees?

Four Tricks For Getting Iron-on Transfers Right

Getting iron-on transfers to look good on custom t-shirts takes a bit of know-how and technique. To get your custom t-shirts looking picture perfect, follow our tricks of the trade.

  • Before you decide to try out the transfer on an actual shirt, do a test print. There's always a bit of difference in the way things look on the screen versus an actual print. Once you've printed, you can view the actual color, look and scale of the artwork. Keep in mind that ink colors will look different on different kinds of papers.
  • Don't forget to mirror your image before you print. Iron-on transfers are mirror images of what you'll see on the actual shirt. If you're looking at the image the way you would see it on a tee, you still have to reverse the image.
  • Your custom t-shirts will look their best when you apply the iron-on transfers with a very high heat. Make sure your iron is set to the appropriate temperature and that you've given it enough time to warm up. Or better yet, use a heat press.
  • If you've put a white graphic into your design, remember that white does not print. What you'll end up getting is the fabric where the white graphic should have been.



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