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Do you have any ideas for corporate Christmas gifts?

Ideas For Corporate Christmas Gifts

When the holidays are just around the corner, you need to come up with corporate Christmas gifts for employees and business associates. We've got some great ideas for corporate Christmas gifts you can personalize for the holidays.

Christmas Stress Ball – Get a stress ball shaped like a tree or snowman and print them with your own corporate logo. This Christmas gift will help alleviate stress from the end of the year crunch for all of your employees.

Compressed Tee – Get one that's wrapped up nicely in a star shape just for the holidays. This petite package opens up to reveal a t-shirt printed with your message. Print up a Christmas greeting on the star shaped logo. Your favorite clients will be delighted to get these as corporate Christmas gifts.

Holiday Ornament – It's a simple, elegant gift for all your business associates. Get custom Christmas ornaments printed with a holiday wish from your company. They'll be thinking of you when they put it up on their Christmas trees.

Do you have any interesting ideas for promotional product packaging?

Ideas For Promotional Product Packaging

Sometimes just giving away a personalized pen or t-shirt won't do. Creating a promotional product means you're going to need some great packaging ideas. Whether you're trying to come up with promotional product packaging to market new products or services, read on for some attention-grabbing ideas.

  • Use a promotional mug as the container. Stuff it with little goodies like printed key chains, brochures, pencils and erasers. Wrap the whole piece in colored cellophane and you have an instant personalized piece of promotional product packaging.
  • Say it with a fortune cookie – a stainless steel one. Send your clients a stainless steel fortune cookie that doubles as a paperweight. The fortune cookie opens up to reveal a marketing message from you.
  • Send a personalized wallet printed with your company logo. But don't forget to include business cards and other promotional material along with it. To really grab their attention, package the whole piece up with a printed note in a hand written font that says, “Lost wallet found.”
  • Send your promotional product in a balloon. Have a personalized bear with your company logo inside of an inflated balloon or have a promotional product surprise inside the balloon. Send it with an envelope and pin that says, “This idea just popped into my head.”

Can you give me some creative ideas for personalized pencils?

Get Imaginative With Personalized Pencils

Personalized pencils are a simple promotional item, but you can use a little more imagination and make them into really exciting promotional pieces. Here are a few ideas to inspire your creative side.

  • Use multiple pencils as a promotional item. Group the pencils together for a message with more impact. Printing the announcement, “Celebrating Ten Years of Business” has so much more splash on a group of four pencils as opposed to just one.
  • It's all in the packaging. Personalized pencils make great promotional items when you pair them with a printed note pad and eraser. Put the set together in a nifty tin or a translucent vellum container.
  • Get creative with design. Just because you're marketing with personalized pencils doesn't mean it has to be boring. You can fit a lot on this little writing instrument. Have pencils printed with in a two-tone color and place your logo right in the middle. Go with an all black pencil for impact and print your logo in white.
  • Don't just go with a standard pencil type. Pencils come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Get a flat carpenter's pencil that'll stand out from the rest. Mechanical pencils can run from economical plastic versions to upscale chrome ones.
  • Try novelty pencils. Going for something a little more unusual can help your promotional item stand out. Novelty pencils come printed with bold, vibrant prints ranging from sports themes to patriotic ones.
  • Give away memorable personalized pencils in an unusual shape. Looking for a nature theme? Personalize a shaped butterfly, cat, dog or cow-shaped pencil.

Can you give me some creative solutions for the personalized calendar?

Creative Solutions For The Personalized Calendar

The personalized calendar makes a great corporate gift that lasts throughout the year. With a gift that they'll be keeping for months to come, you'll want to put some creative planning into the personalized calendar. Here are some ideas.

Calendar in a tin – No one ever said calendars all had to come in neat little square packages. Have a designer create a round calendar. Each month is a separate piece, just like a coaster. Deposit them all into a designed tin. Print the dates on one side of the piece and promotional material on the back of each month.

Photo calendar – Coming out with a new line of products? Showcase each and every last one on a page from January through December. It'll be a product debut your clients can't help but want to browse through.

Box calendar – A calendar is so much more fun when it's a three-dimensional object. Create one which shows two months on each surface of the six-sided box. Inside the box, place a promotional item for your clients like a mug or custom tee.

Can you give me some suggestions for using custom pens as promotional items?

Give Away Custom Pens As Promotional Items

Custom pens are ideal promotional items for every kind of business and industry and they're portable. The standard ballpoint pen is one pick as a marketing giveaway, but you have many more options to choose from. Here's the rundown on some of the other choices that you have.

Custom Novelty Pen – Get a novelty pen in just about any shape you can think of. A custom novelty pen can be perfect for sports fans in the shape of a bat or as the perfect giveaway to the medical community when it's a syringe-inspired pen.

Floaty Pens – They're the perfect promotional items for landmarks, historical events or anything involving a theme. Floaty pens let you recreate a scene and customize it with your event or place of business. Promoting a new product? Design the background and have your product “floating” across the pen.

Wood Pens – For a look that instantly says “refined,” get custom wood pens created as promotional items. Common materials are rosewood and maple. Have them engraved with laser and you'll have some elegant custom pens.

Executive Pens – These will cost much more, but when you need promotional items that truly stand out, get executive pens. Engrave a silver-plated Cross pen or a gold-plated Waterman pen.

Laser Pointer Pens – For promotional items that get directly to the point, get laser pointer pens. These are practical promotional items that function as writing instruments as well as laser pointers at the touch of a button.

What options do I have for promotional umbrellas?

Keep The Rain Away With Promotional Umbrellas

For a corporate gift that tops the rest, give away promotional umbrellas. Other promotional items might fall by the wayside, but promotional umbrellas are memorable. Have your company name and logo displayed on the umbrella to make a bold statement that no one will miss. Choose from compact telescopic umbrellas or the larger full-size versions. Go with a solid color or a two-toned umbrella. Whichever version you choose, you'll have a great, functional piece of waterproof gear that'll keep potential clients dry and happy.

Do promotional mugs make good corporate gifts?

Why Promotional Mugs Make Great Corporate Gifts

If you're looking for a simple, cost effective corporate gift, try promotional mugs. Promotional mugs make great corporate gifts whether you're giving away items to employees at a holiday event or en masse at a tradeshow. Here are four reasons why promotional mugs make great gifts.

1. Promotional mugs make great corporate gifts because they're an affordable item you can order in bulk. Whether you share them with employees or potential clients, your company logo, product or service is sure to get noticed.
2. Promotional mugs are simple to design and create. For a basic promotional item, all you need to do is add your name and company logo.
3. Promotional mugs come in a multitude of colors and choices. Choose from ceramic mugs or glass mugs in virtually every color.
4. Promotional mugs are a lasting ad for your business. Some promotional items like paper bags only last temporarily. However, promotional mugs can be kept indefinitely.

What ideas do you have for custom promotional products?

Custom Promotional Products To Help You Advertise

Give potential customers and clients something to remember you by with custom promotional products. Perfect as giveaways at tradeshows, educational conferences and informational luncheons, custom promotional products will leave behind an impression that helps clients remember your services or products. Regardless of what industry you're in, you'll find some custom promotional products that'll work for you here.

  • If you're touting the latest in technology, promotional flash drives with your company name or logo will be a hit. You'll find they're relatively affordable and they're items that'll be practical for any computer user.
  • Promotional pens work for virtually every type of industry. They're affordable, effective advertisements suitable for mass production. Promotional pens advertising your company information allow you to effortlessly reach a wide audience.
  • Nothing advertises more clearly than promotional apparel. Choose from hats, t-shirts and outerwear. Keep it simple and just add a logo or create a walking billboard by printing a custom tee.
  • Print up promotional gift bags to advertise your company logo. It's perfect at tradeshows for carrying around brochures. Or use promotional gift bags to hold custom gifts as a product giveaway for your potential clients.

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