Creative Solutions For The Personalized Calendar

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Can you give me some creative solutions for the personalized calendar?

Creative Solutions For The Personalized Calendar

The personalized calendar makes a great corporate gift that lasts throughout the year. With a gift that they'll be keeping for months to come, you'll want to put some creative planning into the personalized calendar. Here are some ideas.

Calendar in a tin – No one ever said calendars all had to come in neat little square packages. Have a designer create a round calendar. Each month is a separate piece, just like a coaster. Deposit them all into a designed tin. Print the dates on one side of the piece and promotional material on the back of each month.

Photo calendar – Coming out with a new line of products? Showcase each and every last one on a page from January through December. It'll be a product debut your clients can't help but want to browse through.

Box calendar – A calendar is so much more fun when it's a three-dimensional object. Create one which shows two months on each surface of the six-sided box. Inside the box, place a promotional item for your clients like a mug or custom tee.



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