Get Imaginative With Personalized Pencils

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Can you give me some creative ideas for personalized pencils?

Get Imaginative With Personalized Pencils

Personalized pencils are a simple promotional item, but you can use a little more imagination and make them into really exciting promotional pieces. Here are a few ideas to inspire your creative side.

  • Use multiple pencils as a promotional item. Group the pencils together for a message with more impact. Printing the announcement, “Celebrating Ten Years of Business” has so much more splash on a group of four pencils as opposed to just one.
  • It's all in the packaging. Personalized pencils make great promotional items when you pair them with a printed note pad and eraser. Put the set together in a nifty tin or a translucent vellum container.
  • Get creative with design. Just because you're marketing with personalized pencils doesn't mean it has to be boring. You can fit a lot on this little writing instrument. Have pencils printed with in a two-tone color and place your logo right in the middle. Go with an all black pencil for impact and print your logo in white.
  • Don't just go with a standard pencil type. Pencils come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Get a flat carpenter's pencil that'll stand out from the rest. Mechanical pencils can run from economical plastic versions to upscale chrome ones.
  • Try novelty pencils. Going for something a little more unusual can help your promotional item stand out. Novelty pencils come printed with bold, vibrant prints ranging from sports themes to patriotic ones.
  • Give away memorable personalized pencils in an unusual shape. Looking for a nature theme? Personalize a shaped butterfly, cat, dog or cow-shaped pencil.



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