Ideas For Promotional Product Packaging

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Ideas For Promotional Product Packaging

Sometimes just giving away a personalized pen or t-shirt won't do. Creating a promotional product means you're going to need some great packaging ideas. Whether you're trying to come up with promotional product packaging to market new products or services, read on for some attention-grabbing ideas.

  • Use a promotional mug as the container. Stuff it with little goodies like printed key chains, brochures, pencils and erasers. Wrap the whole piece in colored cellophane and you have an instant personalized piece of promotional product packaging.
  • Say it with a fortune cookie – a stainless steel one. Send your clients a stainless steel fortune cookie that doubles as a paperweight. The fortune cookie opens up to reveal a marketing message from you.
  • Send a personalized wallet printed with your company logo. But don't forget to include business cards and other promotional material along with it. To really grab their attention, package the whole piece up with a printed note in a hand written font that says, “Lost wallet found.”
  • Send your promotional product in a balloon. Have a personalized bear with your company logo inside of an inflated balloon or have a promotional product surprise inside the balloon. Send it with an envelope and pin that says, “This idea just popped into my head.”



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