Give Away Custom Pens As Promotional Items

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Can you give me some suggestions for using custom pens as promotional items?

Give Away Custom Pens As Promotional Items

Custom pens are ideal promotional items for every kind of business and industry and they're portable. The standard ballpoint pen is one pick as a marketing giveaway, but you have many more options to choose from. Here's the rundown on some of the other choices that you have.

Custom Novelty Pen – Get a novelty pen in just about any shape you can think of. A custom novelty pen can be perfect for sports fans in the shape of a bat or as the perfect giveaway to the medical community when it's a syringe-inspired pen.

Floaty Pens – They're the perfect promotional items for landmarks, historical events or anything involving a theme. Floaty pens let you recreate a scene and customize it with your event or place of business. Promoting a new product? Design the background and have your product “floating” across the pen.

Wood Pens – For a look that instantly says “refined,” get custom wood pens created as promotional items. Common materials are rosewood and maple. Have them engraved with laser and you'll have some elegant custom pens.

Executive Pens – These will cost much more, but when you need promotional items that truly stand out, get executive pens. Engrave a silver-plated Cross pen or a gold-plated Waterman pen.

Laser Pointer Pens – For promotional items that get directly to the point, get laser pointer pens. These are practical promotional items that function as writing instruments as well as laser pointers at the touch of a button.



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