Customize A Shirt With Tie Dye

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How do you customize a shirt with tie dye?

Customize A Shirt With Tie Dye

Want to customize a shirt that's tailor made for you or to give away as a gift? You can print shirts or embroider them, but there are more than a few ways to customize a shirt. Tie dye is one way to create a fun pattern on a shirt. If you want to customize a shirt with a two-tone tie dye pattern, read the following directions:

What you'll need:

  • Two colors of t-shirt dye
  • Two Buckets
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Rubber bands

What you'll need to do:
  • Prepare the t-shirt dyes per the manufacturer's instructions and place into separate buckets.
  • Take the cotton t-shirt and twist it as if you were ringing a towel.
  • Tie both ends of the twisted t-shirt with rubber bands to keep it twisted.
  • Dip the cotton t-shirt in the lighter color and leave it there for about five minutes.
  • Rinse off the shirt in cool water until the running water runs clear.
  • Untie the t-shirt and re-twist it, keeping the colored section in the middle or twist from a different corner than previously.
  • Dip the shirt in the darker dye color for about five minutes.
  • Repeat the rinsing process.
  • Remove the rubber bands.
  • Wash your tie dye shirt in warm water, a small amount of detergent, and rinse in cool water.



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