Personalized Baby Clothing

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Personalized Baby Clothing

Personalized baby clothing is a fun gift for little ones. Customizing baby clothing is an easy way to add a little extra something to a gift. Here are some ideas for personalized baby clothing.

Embroidered – Take a t-shirt, sweatshirt, onesie, or any other baby's item and monogram your baby's initials, name, or a catchy phrase onto it.

Appliqué – Take a jacket, overall, or pair of pants and add an appliqué. Overalls can have a safari theme or you can turn your tot's jacket into one for an airline pilot.

Stuffed Characters – Add petite Velcro stuffed animals or dolls to the pocket of a tee, long sleeved shirt, or overalls. It's a cute way to add decorative items to a baby's clothing that Mom or Dad can change out at any time. Make sure there are no small parts that could be choking hazards.



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