Personalized Baby Bibs

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How do I personalize a baby bib?

Personalized Baby Bibs

Baby bibs not only make practical gifts for keeping little ones clean during mealtime, but they can also make the perfect gift when you personalize it. Here are some ideas for personalized baby bibs that'll not only look adorable on baby, but make mom happier during feeding times as well.

  • Get a plain colored bib and embroider fun characters and text on it for a personalized baby gift. It's perfect for little droolers and will compliment any infant's outfit.
  • Select print fabric from the store and make the bib yourself. Retro prints, character prints, and even stripes are all possibilities for personalized baby bibs. Add a pocket to catch those falling crumbs.
  • Are you handy with a knitting needle? Knit a baby bib as a personalized gift. You don't have to limit yourself to the standard shapes. Try animal bibs like bears or pandas. More decorative than useful for keeping baby clean, these personalized baby bibs still look darling as part of a baby ensemble.



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