Six Ideas For Personalized Stickers

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What ideas do you have for using personalized stickers?

Six Ideas For Personalized Stickers

Personalized stickers can be fun and whimsical or practical and simple. You can use them for events or as labels. Stickers make statements that you can use over and over. Here are some great ideas for personalized stickers:

Birthdays – Make personalized stickers for first birthdays, 80th birthdays and everything in between. They can be cute and comical or elegant and tasteful. Put them on favors or hand them out to guests.

Gift Tags – Make your own personalized stickers into gift tags. Have some on hand for the holiday season and an all-purpose set for use throughout the year. Print them up so your family name is on the tag and you can fill in the recipient's name yourself.

Address Labels – Who says stickers can't be functional? Get address labels made with a graphic chosen by you. You'll never have to fill out the return address again.

Special Occasion Stickers – Get stickers made for graduations, baby showers, bridal showers or any other major event. Use them to decorate favors for the celebratory event.

School Stickers – Use them as incentives for students to excel and as giveaways at school events.

Organizational labels – For a practical sticker that is well designed, get stickers made into organizational labels. Add a cool graphic and leave a line to fill in for all of your files.



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