Your Guide To Printing Custom Stickers

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How do I go about printing custom stickers?

Your Guide To Printing Custom Stickers

Custom stickers make great gift giveaways at casual events. They're convenient mementos you can use again and again and they're affordable to create. Here's a straightforward guide to printing custom stickers.

1. Decide what you want to print on your custom stickers. Graphics, artwork or simple text can all go on custom stickers.
2. Think about what shape your actual sticker will be. You can go with a standard size and shape or spend more to get a custom die cut shape.
3. Decide whether your stickers will be for indoor use or outdoor use. Foil, matte paper and gloss paper are fine for indoor use, but outdoor stickers need to have a vinyl laminated finish.
4. Finalize your sticker design and get some quotes from printers for creating your custom stickers. Ask about minimum orders and set-up fees.
5. Submit your artwork per the specifications of the printer of your choice. Standard file types are JPG, TIF and GIF files.
6. Receive your stickers after the agreed turn-around time.



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