Choosing Papers For Your Customized Stickers

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What types of types of papers can I print my custom stickers on?

Choosing Papers For Your Customized Stickers

If you're going through the process of printing customized stickers, you've probably come across the task of choosing what kind of paper to put your customized stickers on. Since there are so many choices to select from and in case you're not sure whether you want polypropylene or vinyl laminate, here is an explanation of the different papers for customized stickers .

Matte Paper – These work best for shipping labels. If you want a sticker you can print or type on, matte paper is your best bet.

Gloss Paper – Want to add a bit of sheen to your sticker? This choice is great for labels, especially if you want to write with permanent markers rather than ballpoint pens.

Foil paper – Perfect as decorative stickers for formal use. Foil paper is for indoor use.

Clear polypropylene – Want to print an indoor sticker with a translucent effect? Clear polypropylene is your choice for customized stickers.

Vinyl laminated – Stickers that need to withstand outdoor wear and tear, like bumper stickers, should go on vinyl laminated.



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