Finding a Discounted Personalized Gift

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How to find a quality discounted personalized gift?

Finding a Discounted Personalized Gift

If you're looking for a great quality personalized gift, don't be shy to shop in your local DollarSavers or $1 stores. A lot of these stores have a runoff of surplus gifts that other stores couldn't sell.

1. Do not buy food products unless the person who is receiving the gift is very much into a certain food type like Vegan or any ethnic food. Chocolates unless used on Valentine's Day are a very generic gift.

2. Try to find a unique product within the area of interest: For example, if you know the person likes Africa, try finding something over e-bay that is from Africa and unique only to that country. Not something you might find right here in the U.S. Do a quick online search for that area of interest suitable to the person and try to find something important in that area still within your budget.

3. Wrapping counts. Theme wrapping is great when it can be accomplished. If you're wrapping about an African gift, use brown postal paper and stamp it with henna and brown colors. If you have kids, use them to do this as a project for creating wrapping paper. Tie it with a dyed and/or natural mix of colored raffia as a finishing touch. You could fashion the gift label in the form of a baggage claim ticket. Those types of templates can be downloaded from the internet.

Let your creativity take over. Remember, its not the cost of the gift, its the uniqueness of it.



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