Embroidered Clothing Beyond Hats and Tees

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What’s new and unusual in personalized embroidered clothing?

Embroidered Clothing Beyond Hats and Tees

We've all seen embroidered hats, embroidered tees and embroidered jackets. However, a London-based company has taken embroidered clothing to the next level by offering some cheeky, if not shocking embroidered business apparel. Aptly named, Social Suicide embroiders everything from jackets to shirts. Some of their more light-hearted apparel includes a men's business jacket with a handbag embroidered on the right hand shoulder. It's placed just so that the embroidered handbag appears to be hanging from the shoulder down to the hip. One men's business jacket has a gun embroidered just beneath one pocket, while the back of the jacket says “Armed” in embroidery. There is another piece of embroidered clothing that features a single pink rose on the lapel of a flannel jacket and a full bouquet embroidered on the inside lining.



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