Getting Custom Embroidered Clothing

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What kinds of things can I custom embroider on clothing?

Getting Custom Embroidered Clothing

If you're thinking about customizing clothing or other items, embroidery is a great way to personalize. Custom embroidered clothing works well for logos, text, graphics or a combination of those. Typically, a computer-controlled sewing machine uses a needle and thread to embroider an image onto a piece of fabric. Thousands of stitches and more than one color of thread creates the final look. It's important that the pattern be well designed in order to have a quality, finished product. There are many options for getting custom embroidered clothing. You can embroider denim shirts, t-shirts, cotton polo shirts, nylon jackets and fleece jackets. Other items you can embroider besides clothing include baseball hats, embroidered hats, fleece blankets, bags and terry towels.



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