Monogram It Yourself To Cut Costs

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What do I need to monogram an item myself?

Monogram It Yourself To Cut Costs

Save yourself the expense of buying high-priced monogrammed items like towels, robes and PJ's and monogram them on your own. You can buy the exact items you want rather than having to pay the marked up price from a retailer who has chosen the design. If you have access to a computerized sewing machine, you can use their pre-programmed monogram stitch patterns. However, you can also try embroidery with free motion as well. To do this, draw the letter onto the fabric itself or use a piece of water-soluble stabilizer. For terry cloth pieces, it makes sense to use a water-soluble stabilizer that you can place over the fabric as a pattern. Then select a narrow wooden hoop or spring hoop for your thread. A 30-weight or 40-weight machine embroidery thread will work best for the monogram.



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