Customized Gifts Sweet Enough To Eat

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Customized Gifts Sweet Enough To Eat

They're better than sweet chocolates that melt in your mouth or scrumptious butter pecan cookies made with loving care. They're customized gifts that are edible, too. Don't know where to look or are short on ideas? We've got a few customized gifts you can create online that are almost too good to eat.

Custom M & M's - It's a fresh twist on the colored candy coated chocolate classic. Choose two colors from a selection of over a dozen color choices, pick the packing, and your customized gifts are ready to go.

Personalized Hershey's gifts – Send a birthday wish with a giant personalized Hershey's Kiss which lets you include your own message on the box. Inside the giant hollow chocolate version of the Hershey's Kiss is a surprise collection of Hershey's Kiss chocolates. Other Hershey's possibilities include a chocolate card with a custom message from you or a giant Hershey's bar with a personalized message on the label.



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