Helpful Hints For Do-It-Yourself Embroidered Clothing

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Helpful Hints For Do-It-Yourself Embroidered Clothing

For those of you who prefer to create do-it-yourself embroidered clothing with an embroidery machine, there are a few helpful hints that'll make your creative endeavors a little bit easier. Want to find out what they are? Read on!

  • Do a test stitch for every embroidered clothing project that you do. It takes more time, but you'll find out things like whether the tread type, thread weight and hoop size and method are appropriate.
  • Think about whether or not your design is appropriate for a certain fabric. For instance, a large, densely packed design will work much better on a denim jacket than a cotton t-shirt. A sparse embroidery design won't show well on a fleece jacket, but would be appropriate for a button-down cotton shirt.
  • Launder all cotton clothing before you have it embroidered. If you happen to embroider something like a 100 percent cotton tee and then wash it afterwards, you could end up with a very warped embroidery pattern. Save yourself the trouble by washing the article of clothing before you embroider it.
  • Avoid puckering the fabric by getting the hoop in the embroidery machine right. This means using the smallest hoop for the size of your design. Using a hoop that's too big could leave you with distorted fabric.



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