Sizing The Image For An Embroidered Cap

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Are there any specific size requirements for creating an embroidered cap?

Sizing The Image For An Embroidered Cap

When it comes to personalized gear, an embroidered cap is the ideal all-purpose custom product. Use an embroidered cap to personalize a birthday gift for your buddy's birthday. Get multiple embroidered caps for everyone at the family reunion. Or use the embroidered cap to show off your company logo and give away at a corporate event.

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind when coming up with your design. Remember that the graphic size you might use for a custom embroidered tee might not work for an embroidered cap. Depending on the product and company you choose for your embroidered cap, you'll have certain restrictions. For most baseball caps, your image should be no bigger than 2.5” high and 4” wide. Visors will typically need to have a smaller height dimension than baseball caps.



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