Guidelines For Embroidering Custom Clothing

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What should I know about embroidering clothing?

Guidelines For Embroidering Custom Clothing

Embroidering is a straightforward process if you know the basic rules. If you're thinking about embroidering custom clothing, here are a few guidelines to keep the process simple for you.

  • Size matters. Whether you're putting your design on custom clothing like a fleece jacket or cotton tee, check the guidelines of the embroiderer for maximum dimensions. For custom clothing, a 3.5” wide x 4” high graphic is typically the maximum recommended size.
  • Check text dimension requirements. Some embroiderers cannot handle text smaller than a quarter of an inch in height.
  • Find out if there is a maximum thread count. Some embroiderers will charge more if you exceed a certain stitch count.
  • See if there is a set-up fee. Some embroiderers charge a set-up fee and some don't. Find out what you're being charged for in your quote and what your final cost will be.



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