Personalize Your Own Tee With Freezer Paper Stenciling

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Is there a quick, easy way to personalize my own tee?

Personalize Your Own Tee With Freezer Paper Stenciling

Sure, you can go to the t-shirt printer and have the hassle and cost of ordering your own tee, but why do that when you can personalize your own tee in just a few easy steps? You can use freezer paper to create a stencil. One way to create the stencil is by creating the template with a pencil or ballpoint pen and trimming out the words or image with a pen-knife on top of a mat cutting board. Or you can create the outline of the image on your computer and print it directly onto the freezer paper. Next, position the shiny side of the freezer paper onto the t-shirt, iron the freezer paper to the tee without steam, and use fabric paint to create your personalized t-shirt. Take care to remove the freezer paper right away to allow the paint to dry evenly. It's an instant easy solution to personalize your own tee!



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