How To Save Money On Printing Personalized Birthday Gifts

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How do I save on printing for personalized birthday gifts?

How To Save Money On Printing Personalized Birthday Gifts

Getting personalized birthday gifts means you're getting the ideal present to celebrate someone's special day. If you're interested in getting a good deal on printing personalized birthday gifts, there are some tricks to save some cash. Here are some ways you can cut costs.

1. Shop around. This obvious money saver is one missed by many shoppers. However, doing a little planning ahead to compare costs between different shops can get you the best deal.
2. Pick one color. If you're printing, have your design in one color rather than multiple colors. Whether it's a t-shirt, bag, or hat for the birthday boy or girl, printers charge more for each additional color you add to the design.
3. Buy in bulk. Check to see where the price point changes are. It might be worth your while to buy a few extra pieces to drop the price per item if you're personalizing birthday gifts for the whole party.
4. If you're doing a large order of personalized birthday gifts, always get written quotes – preferably from more than one printing shop.



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