Designing A Custom Wardrobe Online

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Is there a way to create a wardrobe online that’s custom made for someone?

Designing A Custom Wardrobe Online

For a truly personal gift that's custom made to order, design a wardrobe online as a gift for someone special. With an online program, you can create a virtual model with similar hair, facial characteristics, height, and weight of the person you're shopping for. Try everything from jeans, tops, and swimwear on the virtual model, so you can figure out what looks good, what works, and what doesn't. On such online program is run by My Virtual Model. You create a virtual model online and then shop with a range of affiliated stores to create a wardrobe online. Inputting the exact height, weight, and body shape allows you to get a good idea of how specific clothing would look. It's a fun way to create an outfit or two for someone you know.



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