Customized Gifts With Digital Photos

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Can you give me some gift ideas for digital photos?

Customized Gifts With Digital Photos

Digital Photos can make the perfect present when you turn them into customized gifts. Take a single photo and turn it into a greeting card or postcard. Add your photo to a t-shirt, mug, or calendar and you have an instant holiday or birthday gift to give. Put together a collection of digital photos, select an album, and someone will have a personalized gift to cherish. The best part is you can upload your photo collection, select the frame you want to go with your pictures, and send your customized gifts while sitting at home at your computer. Other bonuses include sharing your online photos with friends and family and editing your photos directly on the Website. Some of the major Websites which allow you to create custom gifts include Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, and Flickr.



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